Reject the impossible.

Expand into N-Space.

Converge dimension.


when you’re born,

why is it the norm,

to be handed a form,

about the path you could choose,

that is mostly concentrated on you wining while others lose?

but this is okay,

it doesn’t have to stay.

crumple the form, and chop the tree,

make the reality you’d like to see.

For all that is and ever will be

I am me

And you are we

So whatever I see

You can be

As I am we

And you are me


where are we going as a species?

we are growing exponentially, but where exactly are we headed?

the world can change tomorrow.

evolved us

Citizens Council: A proposal for “Leaderless leadership” r 1.4 October 22nd 2076

From the viewpoint of the Citizen’s council, the concept of a representative republic has lost legitimacy, especially with the current situation. Ever since issues were polarized as black or white, as one side against the other, our rights have been continuously stripped away and watered down by a small leadership minority. Looking back on history, the NSA mass surveillance revelations and the partisanship driven governmental shutdown of 2013 should be key precedents to what is now happening.

A proper and functioning modern-day governance must come through the people it represents, and through their direct input and organizing power. Through current technology and our own resurgence and implementation of an Internet, citizens can be directly represented though an almost ‘leaderless’ leadership hive mind.

Participation is mandatory and informed citizens, as well as access to open information, are imperative. This is a shared responsibility among us all. It elevates each and every one of us to a presidential position and yet we are all equal. The time of ‘protecting the minority from the majority’ has come and gone. We no longer need a minority in government specialized in political manipulation to tell us how to act and how to lead our lives. We have the power to lead ourselves.

We have come a long way since tyranny in the past, and we must not revert when faced with a serious threat. It is time to take responsibility. Terrorist organizations will never play by any set of rules, but this does not mean that we cannot uphold the fundamental principles of democracy, the rights of the individual, and equality for all. Power must be legitimized, and it is our duty to make it so. This power comes from each one of us, not from politicians, not from lines on a map, nor from an old piece of paper. Leading by example is never easy, especially in these troubling times, but in order to evolve as a species, it must be done.


is something

that comes

from inside

like everything else

on the ride

of life

i stride

on with great

pride in the knowing

of self

of importance


and the choice of love

like a


i fly

soar up into the sky

high oh my

so far inside

Life is ruled by these glowing rectangles, but this isn’t something that should get us down. We should be empowered by mindfulness and the connections that we share.

Think about the growth of potential. How the growth of information, interconnection, and data manipulation is sculpting life itself. The universe is readily organizing and analyzing the bits of its very creation. It’s also playing angry birds and sending snapchats. It’s endlessly scrolling and seemingly zombified by its very power. But just imagine the potential!

Our collective potential is staggering. It’s all about where our value is placed. We could literally do anything. We are on a little earth in space. It’s relative. We are everywhere and are nowhere. How we define ourselves is paramount. We define ourselves as a species conflicted by war and a history of violence. Oh but its of our very nature! Oh how easy is it to pass over responsibility to the way of things. However, when we do collectively wake up to our true potential, we will truly remember how to be completely happy and to be completely sad as there’s no such thing as good or bad. Embracing the truth that everything is every thing will free us..

The idea of time is an illusion, an allusion to the idea that there is change. Fundamentally, everything is the same; it is one. All the while, for experience to exist there must be change, but in absolutist terms there is no change. Imagine a motion picture, each frame is still, complete and whole as a separate frame. However it is not a movie standing still; it is just a simple picture. As the animators draw one frame, and then the next, and the next, the illusion of motion can be seen though a sequential layering of drawn out events. There is no such thing as a past or future that is separate than that of the present. Each moment is a separate and whole probabilistic reality that is not dependent upon a certain path; it is a complete snapshot that can be accessed. The universe exists as an infinite unordered set of probable events that can be traversed though time in whichever manor discrete from the reaching influences of the past and the encroaching expectation of the future. To quote the instrumental physicist Albert Einstein, “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

Is time linear? It can be, but it is important to take into account the relativistic and subjective nature of the universe itself. Once again, according to Einstein (as well as those that built upon his ideas) and his work, time is dependent upon the observer. Clocks on the Space Shuttle run slightly slower than reference clocks on Earth. It has been scientifically proven that time itself is moldable by differences in certain properties such as gravity and velocity. In a certain sense, this is akin to altering the frame rate upon the movie of life.

TimeLINEs can be though of as a linear progression; however, in the model of an unordered set of universal snap shots, it is possible to take any number of paths to reach a certain destination. That is to say, the current state of existence is not entirely dependent upon the events that came before. Although there is a probabilistic impressional influence, it is dependent upon the current frame now. With each and every moment a new frame is introduced and an entirely new universal reality is experienced. There exists a web of possible paths to the same point; the past is not entirely real as a separate entity from the present, it is a way of seeing a possible probability for the future present. No matter the frame, one cannot ever experience the past or future directly. It is only experienced within the present moment. Even the idea of reminiscing about the past or idealizing about events to come is here and now. There is no way to escape the current moment.

Time is intrinsically interrelated with the notion of frequency, or rather the idea of vibration per unit time. Drawing back to the motion picture metaphor, time bound experience is woven though the continual refresh of numerous snapshots. Zooming in toward the base foundation of existence, everything, in time, is in a state of vibrational flux refreshing at the quantum level of plank's constant. Time is, in a sense, a side effect of experience. Without it, there could be no perceived difference at all. Once again, each frame of existence has no movement. Time gives the illusion of change by continual movements though parallel reality upon parallel reality.

The true reality that one lives is within the present moment now. Humans tend to live in a place that is not really here. That is, a lot of energy is put into concentrating on a good time coming tomorrow or into worrying about what may happen next. In this way, we develop a chronic anxiety of time though living within an abstraction rather than something that is tangible and real. The future is almost seen as more important than the present; but it is impossible to plan the future unless we plan in the present moment. It seems that within the current framework of society what is coming next takes upon a greater value than what is appearing now. One goes into school with the ambition of earning good grades to then get into a good college to then acquire a good job to then what? There is a continuous ladder that one is climbing – reaching for some unknown goal. However, after sometime you wake up saying I arrived, I am here. Although, perhaps with some disappointment. This is colloquially referred to as a midlife crisis as for your entire life you have lived for something that is not real; the now was never good enough. Living for somewhere where you are not can cause problems. There is not much use for planning for a future to arrive at the future to plan for the future. One really cannot life at all unless one lives fully now.

What would life be like if you could fulfill whatever wish you desired instantaneously? What would happen after a while? It seems like there is no real fulfillment without delay, and impatience with time tends to lead towards frustration. To be able to enjoy the music, we must listen to it now. And immerse ourselves completely. When one can come to the realization that the present is the only place that one lives, and that the past and future are only useful illusions, one can really settle into the present moment. T.S. Elliot, in his poem “The Four Quartets,” writes:

Time present and time past

Are both perhaps present in time future,

And time future contained in time past,

If all time is eternally present

All time is unredeemable.

A Buddha, or awakened one, is literally thought of as a person who has woken up to the reality that all time exists within the present moment. This person is one who recognizes truth of the equality of past, present, and future by clearing the mind by existing now. There is a statement in Zen Buddhism that goes, “spring does not become the summer, first there is spring then there is summer.” This Zen quip establishes the idea that time is composed of a series of frames that are each separate and complete events. And while there may be a gradient present within the transformation, each is thought of as whole that is independent and separate from one another.

Furthermore, time, just as experience itself, is subjective and relative. Depending on the scenario time can seem to fly by or crawl along. For example, one may take a thirty-minute nap and have a dream that seemly lasted for day, as time is dependent on the abstract experiencer of experience. Within the idea of the three dimensional time space matrix, one is always at the ground zero of the present. In this way, the past is the present moment; the future is the present moment. There is nothing other than present. Probabilities are continually fluctuated but there is no fundamental difference.

For all human beings time is a matter of extraordinary importance. Man is a time binding animal; a creature that is viably aware of the fact that time exists. To most it is experienced as a solid line straight from birth until death. From one deterministic perspective it is fixed and unmoving fashioned out like an unwavering arrow pointing toward the events of life. But is there another way to frame this argument? What of the perspective that everything exists throughout all times deterministically laid out as the total set of infinite events with time simply being the driving force of animation?

Fundamentally, for experience to exist there must be change. Time drives experience and allows for the game of life to be more than just a beautifully intricate picture. It refreshes the continual movie, and at a certain level time can be though of as the source of all experience based existence. However, at the very core, everything is composed of the same stuff, the same primordial matter, energy, or being-ness. There is no such thing as a thing; that is a separate thing from everything else just as there is no such thing as a past or future that is separate than that of the present. Each moment is a separate and whole probabilistic reality that is not dependent upon a certain path; it is a complete snapshot that can be accessed though a web of probable paths. Every moment in time, a different 'you' is created; every moment in time a different universe is accessed. Time flows as a river creating ripples, eddies, and patterns over the sometimes-rocky course of experience. Everything has already been set in stone, but that does not mean that one path is paramount.

money and value

oh how do you

choose who

gets to