what are we even doing?

what would happen if we all put our heads together?

First it starts with a thought, and that thought starts to spread, to become more 'real'

you start to talk, you start to build your reality.

you can no longer keep it bottled up inside and you start you act, you start to really feel the outcome. nothing is stopping you.

close your eyesssssss, visualizeee, visualize change, visualize peace, visualize you and me as we.

it's time for us all to move forward as a species

we have to means, it's simply a matter of acting upon the idea

so what is it, what is your ideal future?

what action could you take?

lead by example

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about me

i think we have so much potiental. i think if we really believe it, that we are infinite. let's do this.

i enjoy the expression of my thoughts and feelings.

everything is just an idea.

my name is trevor overman. i enjoy long walks on the beach, i like to think about things, i like to disconnect but also to play a part. I am the man, i have a plan to have no plan but to have a plan.